tabi is a modern, feature-rich theme for Zola, a fast static site generator.

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Development Practices

  • Conventional Commits & Gitmoji: Commit messages follow standardised formats to enhance readability.
  • Issue Tracking: Each bug or new feature has its dedicated ticket, which is linked to any consequent code commits and related PRs or issues.
  • Comprehensive Commentary: Tickets are documented with images, videos, and detailed descriptions to facilitate effective communication and problem-solving.
  • Cross-Referencing: We link all tickets to the relevant code commits, pull requests, or related issues for complete traceability.

Project Evolution

tabi was originally designed for my personal website, Despite its origins for personal use, best practices were implemented from the outset to ensure quality and maintainability. The theme has since grown to attract a vibrant community of contributors on GitHub.

Start Your Writing Journey with tabi

You have something to say. Perhaps it’s about how linguists haven’t agreed on a definition of “word” yet, or about your journey exploring the different flamenco palos, or about how you managed to solve a bug in a popular open-source project.

tabi provides the ideal foundation for your writing space, letting you focus on your words while Zola and tabi take care of the technical side. Step into the world of blogging with a system that makes each post a joy to write and to read. Your voice has value—share it with the world.