git-sumi is a non-opinionated commit message linter written in Rust. It’s a flexible tool to enforce commit message standards, ensuring consistent and automation-friendly commit messages.


Main Features

  • Customizable rules: Tailor git-sumi to meet the specific requirements of each project. Configure rules to enforce Conventional Commits, length limits, Gitmoji usage, and more through a simple TOML configuration file.
  • Clear error reporting: Provides detailed error reporting, making fixing commit messages straightforward and educational.
  • Seamless integration: As a single binary, git-sumi integrates easily into your existing workflow with minimal setup. You can even use the GitHub Action to lint your commits (or PR titles) without installing anything locally.

Development Best Practices

  • Comprehensive code coverage: Over 95% line coverage and thorough feature coverage ensures that git-sumi is reliable, robust, and ready for use.
  • Continuous integration and deployment: Automated workflows for testing, releasing, and deploying, ensuring that each version of git-sumi is thoroughly tested and ready for use.
  • Community contributions: Encourages contributions from the community, including feature requests, bug reports, and enhancements, with a welcoming approach to both newcomers and seasoned developers.
  • Documentation: Comprehensive documentation to help users get started with git-sumi and understand its features and capabilities.

Start Enhancing Your Commit Practices Today

Take the first step towards transforming your commit practices. git-sumi’s blend of flexibility, detailed feedback, and ease of integration makes it the perfect choice for teams and individuals looking to improve their Git commit messages.

Discover git-sumi and make it a part of your development toolkit.

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